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    LOTW #1!


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    LOTW #1! Empty LOTW #1!

    Post by RenderedMind Thu May 07, 2009 9:44 pm

    Hello, this is RenderedMind with the first of the LOTW. LOTW stands for Literary Of The Week. I'll be hosting one every week, and the winner will receive Literary Artist! So, anyone interested? I hope so!

    Theme: Since this is the very first LOTW, you will be able to make it any theme you want. Examples of some themes are happiness, sports, education, etc..

    Outline: You may write a story or a stanza. If you're not sure what these are, then click here , and type in "What is a stanza?".

    Deadline: Since this is started on Thursday, you will have up until next Friday. (Friday, May 15th, 2009.) After that, there will be a new LOTW every Monday.

    Rules: The following rules must be followed, or your account will be dealt with accordingly.

    #1: No ripping whatsoever. Ripping is when you steal another person's piece of art and claim it as your own. Ripping is another word for plagiarism. If you are caught ripping, your account will be permanently banned from the EGD forums.

    #2: No posting anything other than submissions on this thread. If you post anything off topic, or something that isn't a submission, you will be infracted. If you repeatedly do this, you will be banned for a reasonable amount of time. The discussion thread can be found here.


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    LOTW #1! Empty Re: LOTW #1!

    Post by Omgjeez Thu May 07, 2009 11:02 pm

    I see the angels,
    Hanging in the abyss,
    So peaceful and secretive.

    They hide the lies of man,
    Beyond what we can see,
    They keep all in order.

    What lies below is execrable,
    Demons, devils, and fiends,
    They wait upon the prey.

    All, that is man, is destructible,
    Seeking danger and righteousness,
    Neither of these can be achieved.

    For this is the soul of a broken angel,
    Cast down from the heavens,
    Conveying evil and disturbing the boundaries of life.

    They lurk behind barriers,
    Trying to hide from the light,
    Their act is impotent.

    All who sit on the right side of glory,
    See their intentions for this world,
    Thus making them outcasts.

    Angels talk and demons snarl,
    The outcome is inevitable,
    Darkness will never overcome,
    The light shines through.

    Xx Aelita xX
    Xx Aelita xX

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    LOTW #1! Empty Re: LOTW #1!

    Post by Xx Aelita xX Sat May 09, 2009 8:42 am

    I hear a passionate fire burning.
    Burning like my soul.

    The fire blazes out of reach,
    Drags me out of control.

    My fiery heart burning in rage.
    Suffering on one page in dread,
    Burning like the sun so bright,
    Like I'm locked up in a shed.

    I drop one tear and leave a shadow,
    A pool of love and it's so shallow.
    Your love is all that I will need,
    You cut my heart and watched it bleed.

    I hold your hand and watch it fade,
    Don't let me go, not now I pray.
    I fall to the ground, as you evade,
    But you're there in my heart, everyday.

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    LOTW #1! Empty Re: LOTW #1!

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